Salary – All nurses in UK get the same salaries, according to bands. The starting salary is on Band 5, which is currently 24,907 British Pounds per year rising to 26,970 British Pounds in year 3 before tax. Please note that the salary will be lower before the nurse passes the OSCE (usually around 17,000 pounds first 2-3 months)

Taxes –You can find a UK tax calculator here:

Working hours/days – Nurses usually work long shifts, 12 hours per day. Normally 3 or 4 shifts per week. Please note that the aforementioned salary is based on 37.5 hours per week. Nurses usually work more than 37.5 hours per week, so they get overtime which is generally 20 hours per week.

Accommodation – Provided for the first 3 months. There after Nurses will have to arrange their own accommodation.

Food Allowance – Some hospitals provide meals on duty, some don’t. Nurses should not expect free meals.

Transportation – Some nurses will live at the hospital site, some will need to travel. This varies from place to place, and nurses should not expect free transportation.

Uniform – Normally provided by the hospitals. 

Visas – Visas for nurses will be taken care of by the hospitals.

Flight tickets – One way flight ticket from India to UK will be paid by the hospital. No other flight tickets will be paid.

Annual leave – Same as UK citizens; International nurses will have a contract with 28 days annual leave, of which 8 are bank holidays.

Duration of Contract – Usually 3 years with a possibility to extend.

Termination of contract – Usually the contract states that any of the parties can terminate the contract with 1 month notice.

Age limit – It is illegal to discriminate by age, gender, religion or anything else in the UK. Therefore, there is no age limit here, nurses only have to meet the entry requirements and follow the process.

Location – Can be anywhere in England. We currently do not offer any jobs in London, nor in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales.